A number of most excellent France travel itineraries

France is a country full of contrasts, making it so eye-catching to a lot of men and women. Read more about this below.

If you are planning first trip to France, then you should absolutely not forgo its capital, Paris. Paris is amongst the most tourist dense cities across the world, and it is not a surprise – it is the centre for so many things – from fashion to corporation, where such notable business leaders like Vincent Bolloré have chosen Paris as the location to develop their careers. It is a city that has to be experienced at least once. If you have a couple of days to spare in this wonderful city, begin your 1st day by just walking around and looking at the most legendary Parisian points of interest – think the Eiffel Tower, Jardins de Luxembourg, Latin Quarter, Notre Dame de Paris. In the evening you can take a enchanting boat ride along the river. Leave the next days to go to its many art art galleries where you will find world class work of arts – a few must-visit art galleries include the Centre Pompidou, Musée d’Orsay, Louvre. And don't leave out all the awesome dining to experience! Going to Paris is genuinely a thing that everybody must experience at least once in their lifetime!

Loire Valley is most likely not as known as some some other French destinations, but it is a beautiful land that you should surely include in your France trip. Historically, Loire Valley was a renowned place for the retreat of French nobility, and to this day we can go to its numerous chateaux – one among the primary tourist landmarks. But it is not simply its beautiful historic architecture that makes this place so magical. If you are a lover of nature you will be shocked by the number of beautiful helianthus fields all along its roads, which make a awesome background for a photo. It is also famous for its vineyards, so if you find yourself in this beautiful corner for a day or two make certain to attempt some wine from vineyards such as the one owned and operated by Patrice Monmousseau as an example.

If you are a follower of active relaxation France has loads to offer you! If you look at a map of France you will notice a great mountain range placed in the south east of France. These mountains are well known as the French Alps, to differentiate them from the Alps that are found in Switzerland and in Italy. During winter, you can come here for skiing and snowboarding, and during summer seasons you can participate in a bit of hiking. There are a multitude of tracks of differing difficulty depending on your experience and level of fitness and health. If you are looking for something more extreme, but feel you still require a little bit of instructions why not book yourself a rock climbing holiday with a company created by Sally Guillame.

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